Root Canal Treatment in Revere
Root Canal Treatment in Revere

Root Canal Treatment in

Root canal treatment is often the only way to save a tooth with an internal infection. Our team will work to restore your damaged tooth and your overall oral health.

Root canal treatment is a procedure used to restore teeth with internal infections. This type of infection is normally prevented by a tooth’s tough enamel exterior. However, a bacterial presence can develop inside a tooth due to a deep cavity or a serious injury. Failure to receive this type of treatment can result in the tooth needing to be extracted, as well as having the infection spread to other areas of the body. Root canal treatment has a very high success rate, and most patients who receive the treatment go on to make a complete recovery.

In most cases, a patient in need of root canal treatment will recognize that something is wrong with their tooth. The pain associated with an inner tooth infection is often very severe, and there may be visual indications as well. If we suspect that a patient is suffering from an infected root canal, we will use X-rays to confirm our suspicions. Once we have determined the extent of the damage, we can proceed with providing treatment. After recovery is complete, the tooth’s appearance will be restored, and the patient will be able to use their tooth normally.

Some of the signs of an infected root canal include:

  • Intense toothache
  • Temperature sensitivities
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Abscesses on the gums

When providing root canal treatment, we access a tooth’s inner structure from the top and remove any infectious material. Our team is very diligent to ensure that the infection is cleaned out entirely. From there, an antimicrobial liquid is used to flush out the root canals and kill off any remaining bacterial presence. This is crucial for making sure that the tooth is completely free of all unwanted matter.

We then work to restore the tooth’s hollowed-out structure by applying a medicated filling substance. This will provide much-needed structure and strength, while also encouraging proper healing. To finish, a temporary dental crown will be applied over the tooth. This will protect the structure from any fractures or breakages during recovery. A permanent custom crown will be used to restore the tooth’s appearance will need to be constructed in a dental laboratory and applied at a later date.

Root canal treatment in Revere

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Jill B.

Can't say enough good things! They were super friendly on the phone and had an immediate appointment available. My appointment went smooth and quick and everything was explained to me in detail along with my options. I never once felt pressured or uncomfortable. All my questions were answered honestly and they made sure I understood everything. Everyone I came in contact with was professional and friendly! Thankful to not have to dread my next dental appointment!

Jay V.

Staff is AMAZING. Friendly, courteous and professional. Atmosphere is relaxed and nice wall art. :)

Susan S.

I had extensive damage to my jaw and teeth after a nearly fatal auto accident. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Robbins & his excellent staff, who have consistently shown the utmost patience and understanding with my situation and the major reconstructive process involved. I highly recommend Dr. Robbins at Broadway Dental for as enjoyable a dental experience as possible as he & his team take the time & due diligence to make sure their clients literally have something to smile about!
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