Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have problems with your teeth and you think they might need straightening out, then there are many ways that you can hope to achieve that. If you go to your dentist, they will likely be able to recommend a number of options for you to help restore your smile to its natural beauty. The two most common solutions out there for wonky teeth are Invisalign and braces. It’s good to know the difference between these two, so that you can be aware of which you would rather go for should you need them. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each, and see which might be the preferred option.


Braces are the traditional way of straightening teeth, and one of their main advantages is that they are pretty much suitable for all kinds of treatment. So no matter what the underlying issue might be as to why your teeth need straightening, it is always going to be the case that braces can help. This is one of their top selling points for sure.


It is also possible to achieve a perfect result with braces, even if it might take longer than with Invisalign or other methods. Braces simply usually have a lot more force and therefore more of an ability to move the teeth to where they need to be. There are also many types of brace to choose from, and you can choose those which are aesthetically pleasing for you but also specific to your situation.


On the downside, brushing your teeth can be troublesome with braces, and many people don’t like how they look. You also need to be careful with certain foods, in particular hard and sticky foods, to ensure they don’t get stuck in the braces. Finally, you need regular consultations with braces.


Invisalign has become so popular all around the world in recent years, and with good reason. Invisalign in Revere is really coming into its own too, so it’s something you might want to consider over braces. Many people do prefer Invisalign to braces, and mostly that’s because of the fact that they look better aesthetically. They are, after all, practically invisible, so adults in particular find that they are a better option for continuing with daily life.


Plus, if you get a Revere Invisalign treatment, you can take them out in order to eat, which makes things a lot easier compared to braces. You need to wear them for around 20 hours a day to be effective, so a short amount of time out of your mouth is not too much of a problem. It is also easier to brush and floss compared to braces, and fewer consultations are required too, so that is definitely a benefit.


As you can see, there are many good reasons to seek out Invisalign in Revere, so if you are in need of some straightening treatment, don’t hesitate to look into that.