About Broadway Dental Studio

Revere, Massachusetts is known for its discernment above all else. This means that any dental practice or medical clinic situated there needs to be worth its presence in the community, or else operational struggles would be inevitable. It’s this fate that Broadway Dental Studio works hard against every day, and it’s paying off. Not only are they one of the most appreciate Dental practices in the area, but the incredible, diverse team is comprised of individuals with a range of stunning qualification and years of practical experience that help you gain a wonderful dentistry experience each and every time.


Dr David Robbins, DMD and Dr Maria Petroche, DDS lead the dentistry charge in providing an exceptional service no matter the work you need to have done. This continual need to teach, inform and educate the community be they in the midst of a dental procedure process or if simply inquiring about a particular service sets them apart from all of the rest. Their efforts help dispel ignorance pertaining to the public impressions of dental work while ensuring every new and existing patient feels secure and trusting when undergoing dental assistance at their discretion. This in itself can provide the stellar backbone to any care giving approach.


It’s this and the family spirit of the team at large that allows Broadway Dental Studio to remain a top choice among those in the local community.


Revere, Massachusetts

Northeast of Boston and boasting almost four hundred years of history, Revere city in Suffolk county is known for a wide variety of reasons. Also known as the ‘Coney Island of Boston,’ Revere has a storied history in hospitality, comfort, entertainment and all the best things associated with the travel needs of anyone passing through. Not only that, but the over 5km of sandy beaches make this the perfect getaway for anyone hoping for an intra-state vacation.


Thanks to the historical significance of Revere and its wide array of beautiful cuisine options, small businesses and residential developments, many families have considered this the ultimate place to rest, as it’s not quite in the heart of Boston but certainly not far away from where the action takes place. As such, it truly is at the best of both worlds.


The city is one that history can boast, counting among its alumni the author Horatio Alger, born here in 1832. The city also has a blossoming journalism scene, a hotbed of residential potential for written professionals, as the cost of living is much more reasonable than the inner city of Boston with little in the way of a consequential downgrade of living quality. With surrounding practices such as Broadway Dental Studio, you can be sure that any living potential here will be best substantiated by the empowerment of the locals and local businesses.


Not only this, but many excellent hotels and bed and breakfasts allow for a comforting day trip out or longer stay depending on your needs. This in itself warrants coming to inspect our beautiful city. You’ll no doubt be amazed.